Friday, November 21, 2008

first tag of all by my own, pretty sayang!

1. Your handphone model? the nokia express music that owix rosak wan..the same hp with my sayang..
2. A picture of it? dial 1-800-FIND YOUR OWN ANSWER!!!
3. How many times did your phone get tortured by you? i didn't tortured it, it torture me from head to toe..
4. Which part of your handphone you hate the most and why? i won't hate my hp but it hates me..i dunno why??..
5. Like the most and why? the pictures inside that's me and my sayang ..
6. If you're given a chance to change your phone colour, what would it be? my own skin colour coz i can camo it when i'm walking around so the thieves can't steal it..
7. What icon do you click the most? as i just told u all that, me and my sayang NON-STOP!!..
8. What else to change to become a perfect handphone? change it into my head so that i can bring it along to jalan-jalan during shopping then ppl will think that i chopped my other twin's head and trying to show off to everyone..
9. You need a handphone because.. to call and to show everyone that i can use a hp!!..
10. Who bought this phone for you? duh! ownself??..
11. With the total amount of your handphone price, what could you buy other than phones?..still wanna ask me about what i can buy??sure buy food to survive food, then can't enjoy life lor..
12. Is your handphone model popular in the market? rubbish!..go see what kinda phone malaysians using nowadays..
13. Describe yourself as a smart handphone user. no doubt about using it to call other ppl!
14. How often do you charge your phone? owix charged it until it blows up..
15.Estimate, how long could your handphone survive? u ask me??..i ask who??..i'm not good in being a god yet..
16. Actually are you interested in phones? more interested than u??..
17. Are you happy with your phone condition now? ah..if i'm unhappy with it, i already changed it long time ago..
18. Every morning, what is the first thing you do with your handphone? see it whether it's already blown up..
19. Imagine someone takes your handphone away for 1 day. better and i'll exchange it with the fella's hp and he or she has to charge it until their electric bill's gonna kill them..
20. No handphone no life. sure what coz if ur stuck in an island like the 'cast away' movie, u got nowhere to go and i dun wanna have a long beard like tom hanks..
21. Tag 6 sexy fone users. ixit included me inside?..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Have you all ever encountered something 'DIRTY'??..I'm not meaning about the sexy stuff but i'm talking about the 'stuff'??..If you do, these are the steps that can help you get rip the 'stuffs'..Firstly, you have to find something like this..

This is an antique from the movie(Ghostbuster)...

Then, you have to encounter the 'stuffs'...

Like this....For example,i'm the 'stuff'..

After that, you have to hold the 'Ghostbuster Machine' as what i called it..
Then, you have to throw it near the 'thing'(me)........

When the 'thing' is still busy laughing around and everyone look weird..and ask "what he's doing overthere like an 'orang gila'??....

Then, the 'machine' will open and suck the 'stuff' into itself..and as you can see the photo below that the 'thing' is helpless and asking for help while trying to fly out from there..Once again, the innocent pedestrians are walking away safe and unharmed..

So,this is the only solution for annoying people such as the innocent orange colour shirt dude in the photo above where he can't stop annoyed by the machine on the floor...If anyone are interested in this machine, please call this number (1-800-please help the innocent orange dude) and pre-book it while stock lasts...Early birds will receive free goodie bags ,a free video on 'How this thing works' and so much more...So,don't wait or you'll be 'terribly' annoyed...
(comfirmation to everyone...the characters above are not fictions and the stunts are professionally trained and organised.Any attempts on recreating this actions will be stop and the 'unprofessionally' trained pirated people will be prosecuted or electricuted..So, please don't try this at home...)

GOD!..Please HELP ME!!!..

I'm freaking angry with the connection problems over here..freaking ugly break up suddenly and sometimes, shittin' me all over the place when i wanna post a new blog..Dah habis cerita then, tak boleh post..haish..So hopefully GOD, help me in this problem that i'm having over here..

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I'm reali pissed that how i was treated..I'm reali sad that things always go haywire and ended up intense and tension..I just need a happy life and not an unhappy daily routine..I just need the happiness that i always wish and wanted..I just wish time will bring me happiness..Hope things will go on smoothly and happily as the time pass us by..I'll pray that things will be better for the future..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Friend's "Whiteboard Car"...

Today's a day that i'm in a sad emotion..Today's a day ,i got back my Sem. 1 examination results..Today's a day that the rain doesn't stop dropping..Today also can be my lucky day too..Coz i got good results in exam, and can learn a bit of A,B,C..It's because my friend's white car that haven't been washed since two years ago, had been a whiteboard for us to write on..He's kinda lucky that we gave him a class in learning how to write and read from his car..I'm kinda sorry for him that it's the time for him to wash his car after two years of record breaking for his car that stayed as champion of Malaysia's own 'dirtiest car alive'..So, if there's any white cars that are similiar to this case, just give me a call and we'll do the 'teaching' job..

Monday, October 20, 2008


I'm new into this stuff coz my gf asked me to blog since i'm already 'old'..or should i say 'mature enough'..hehe..So, hopefully things will "soon soon lei lei lah"..means i'll do things properly if i'm not mistaken..hehe..haven't written anything that's like an essay or rumusan for a long time..So, hope everyone will try to understand what i'm trying to tell everyone here..I'll make blog as my hobby 'if' i can ,since i'm at home during the night only..So, wish me luck in bloggin' ..thank you all!!